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Toys » Soul Link: 1/6 PVC Figure - Morisaki Nao

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Soul Link: 1/6 PVC Figure - Morisaki Nao
In the near future, space is colonized and exploration in common. Space stations and space ships are found through out the galaxy. However, not everything is good with all these advancements in space. Third grade student of Central Military Academy, Aizawa Ryota was at space station Aries for the training with his classmates when they were attacked by a terrorist group, Hallarax. Now Ryota and his friend Morisaki Nao must fight terrorist, monsters and other threats to escape from the station and get back home on Earth!

Morisaki Nao is represented in a unique fashion with this PVC figure from Toypla. She is sporting a very revealing metallic silver two piece bikini with royal cape, crown and scepter. Her signature dark pink hair and big hazel eyes makes this a head turner for any collector!

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