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Although it sounds like the name to a porno film, what it really is, is the best gender-bender comedy since Ranma 1/2. Megumi Amatsuka, a rough and tumble nine-year-old boy (and martial arts enthusiast), always dreamed of becoming the "manliest man on earth." Upon receiving a book of magic from a sorcerer whom he saved from a group of local thugs, Megumi summons a genie in order to make a wish. But due to a sick twist of fate, the genie turns out to be one with a hearing disorder, and Megumi winds up being the "womanliest woman on earth"!

Six years later...Megumi has hit puberty and been transformed into the epitome of feminine pulchritude...meaning he/she's totally hot. Megumi is the most desirable girl in school, but deep within her hot-mama facade is the same trash-talkin', punk-stompin' boy.

Not only do all the boys in school admire her charisma (and bone-crushing strength), some have gone so far as to become her self-appointed bodyguards. How will they react when Megumi tells them her secret? And worse still, Genzo, the baddest dude in town, is totally in love with him/her!

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