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Books » Gundam Seed TV Series Perfect Collection [Eng Dub]

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Item Number : J201-A015
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Updated at : 2005-07-26

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Product Details
Video : NTSC Audio : Dolby Digital
Region : All Region Dialogue : English, Japanese (On/Off)
Subtitles : English Manufacturer :
Number of Disc(s) : 6 Runtime :
Episodes : 1-50 end Genre :

Product Description

Earth Alliance fights against ZAFT. ZAFT has experimented with gene splicing that created new type of human called "coordinators" while the regular earth humans are known as "naturals". The conflict is caused by the different philosophy naturals and new type coordinators have with genetic experimentation on human. The series begins with a ZAFT attack on a neutral colony which was also a secret experimentation site of 5 new prototype gundams Earth Alliance has been developing. ZAFT successfully steals 4 of the 5 gundams with a coordinator engineering student Kira Yamato piloting the last one defending his friends on the Earth Alliance prototype battle ship Archangel. Kira was forced to fight his friend Aslan Zara, who is one of the 4 pilots that stole the gundams. Another saga begins to unfold.

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